Events are changing, it’s no secret. Both attendees and hosts are demanding more eco-friendly and sustainable events. Having thoughtful, creative and strategic branded merchandise solutions are more important now than ever. Branded merch that not only helps you attain your marketing goals, but makes an even bigger impact. Merch with meaning helps you do what’s right for your company, our communities and the whole planet.

Leading the Way with Sustainable Branded Merch

We’re setting a precedent in providing a way to reward teams, incent behavior and grow loyalty by offering products that use less energy to produce; that create jobs in developing countries; that help grow minority and women owned businesses in our communities; are made from recycled and renewable resources; and that give back to education, health care, veteran’s causes, underprivileged communities and so much more.

Icons for Sustainable Production

Better Connections, Better Events

Early research shows that swag-less events are seeing lower scores in overall attendee experience and in quality interactions than events with swag. Conversations are shorter and it is harder to engage people to fill out surveys or interact with products when there is nothing to draw them in.

Companies providing thoughtful purchase and use of truly sustainable merchandise combined with recycling and donation programs are the current teams coming out on top.

Our Favorite Merch For A Sustainable Spring

Impact with Sustainable Merch

At Image Source, we work with you to support the three pillars of sustainability: environment, social and economic.

  • Let’s plant a forest by planting a tree for each attendee at your event.
  • Let’s choose sales tools and incentives that are not only reusable and recyclable, but let’s make sure they are supplied by B Corps, have programs that give back to their communities and create jobs.
  • Let’s donate unused merchandise to local shelters, schools and underserved communities who could really use the products we’ve produced.
  • Let’s provide an impact report to every person at the event explaining how their great gifts support these three pillars.

Check out how some of your favorite companies are tackling sustainable merch through their very own merch with meaning programs. Visit our Brands That Give Back page to learn more.

THRIVE Together

At Image Source THRIVE means doing the right thing, in the right way for our teams, partners, communities around the world and the planet.

Merchandise with Meaning.

Sustainable Merch.

Now it’s starting to make sense.

Want to learn more? Visit our sustainability page.

Shop Merch with Meaning and Start Making Your Impact Today

Visit our Thrive Shop to shop our curated selection of sustainable merch. While every order placed plants a tree, you can help us grow our forest even faster by making a larger tree donation.

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