Award Winning Incentives

Every year, the King County Library System (KCLS) sets out to encourage children to read during the summer to continue their learning progress while school is out. To do this they created a program called the Summer Reading Program and one key element of this program is the incentive to drive behavior. Image Source’s internal creative team will brainstorm product ideas that will Wow the kids. The Image Source team focuses on the target demographic, annual theme, budget, unique decoration needs, product safety requirements and logistical implications. The ideas are then narrowed down to 4 to 6 items and focus groups are carried out with kids from the community where they can vote for their favorite idea. The project was a huge success! Thousands of wallets were given to students who completed the requirements. In addition, 43,000 notebooks were given away, 7.5 million minutes were read, and over 20,000 children attended the summer program.

Image Source was presented the silver award for the 2017 PPAI Pyramid Award in the category of educational programs. These winners were selected by a panel of industry professionals and independent, outside marketing and advertising professionals. For more information about the PPAI awards program visit or contact the PPAI Awards and Recognition department at