Independence Day has come and gone and we’ve finally welcomed summer into our corner of the country! It’s time to dig out your sunglasses, sunscreen and coolers–the outdoors are calling! Whether you prefer hiking to the top of a local sunny peak or finding a spot on the beach, the right gear makes all the difference in a great day.

Summer has finally made it!

Below we highlight some of our favorite activities and our favorite fun in the sun products.

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PNW beaches are the true meaning of adventure. Who needs soft white sand when you can have rocks of all sizes, driftwood and a clear spot to spread out and catch some rays?! Reusable bags and easy to pack coolers make it easy to bring the picnic with you–and take it back out without littering the landscape.


Our Favorites

Beach Towels Are the Ultimate Summer Sustainable Swag

Did you know? The average beach towel is packed around for 15 years. Beach towels are some of our favorite long term use products too.

Check out the latest in towels–microfiber that dries fast and leaves the sand on the beach instead of in your car! We also love tried and true name brand sun products. Lather up your SPF, pop on your water wings and dive right in!

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Gathering around the fire pit. Whether on the deck or the campfire farther from home, few things are as comforting, fun and social as spending time in the evening with your friends and family. Solo Stove is one of our favorites.

Our Favorites

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Saltwater, freshwater, you name it we’re up for it! Warm weather, sunny skies, good friends and a boat. Pair that with the right boat accoutrements to make the best day even better! Pop on your paddleboard. Kick up your heels in a kayak. Skurf the waves on the Sound.

Our Favorites