Make Your June Full Of Color!

Make Your June Full of Color! Did you guys know that Gay Pride Month is coming up in June? We are super excited because that means our June is going to be bright and colorful and we hope to make yours that way too! Below we have picked out our top five stock rainbow promo products that will definitely make … Read More

Cause Marketing is Life

Cause Marketing is taking hold of all consumer merchandise industries including the promotional product world. We are finding that our clients are coming to us with the desire to find a product that gives back in some way, and we are so happy that we now have the capabilities to fill this need. Check out our top three giveback programs … Read More

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Parkland Backpack Appeel Notebook Solar Waterproof Speaker Stainless Steel Straws Eco Threads Alchemy Goods Eco-friendly products have been trending for a while now but and the promotional products industry is finally catching on! We are seeing backpacks made out of recycled water bottles, travel pouches being made out of recycled tires, and journals being made out of … Read More

Trending Retail Looks

Stickers for Pickers This sticky trend is one that we just cannot get enough of! We are seeing this stick to mostly water bottles. This craze allows for so much creativity on either a pre-designed sticker look or a DIY approach. Either way you go, you are mapping a story on the bottle that will speak to so many different … Read More

Top Spring Trends For 2019

Spring is here! Let’s Talk Trends – The NYC 2019 Spring Fashion Show just happened and we are paying attention to what the major trends were so we can report back to you! Here is a sneak peak of the 3 trends that we fell in love with and are exited to help continue your brand identity with also incorporating … Read More

5 Inspiring Ways to Draw People To Your Trade Show Booth

We all know the saying – Don’t judge a book by its cover – But when you are walking through a trade show with hundreds of booths side by side how are you going to differentiate from your competitors? How are you going to draw people in? How are you going to make them remember you? If you are willing … Read More

Five Fave Finds From PPAI

Five Fav Finds From PPAI What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. JK! We are bringing back our favorite finds from the PPAI Expo. For those of you that look to us as your branded merchandise experts, we ventured to the premier trade show for the promotional products industry so we can continue to stay at the top of our … Read More

Winter Fashion – Promo Style

Champion Sueded Fleece Pullover Hood Keep warm in this old school meets new school pullover. This thick cotton will keep you warm while you haul back and forth between meetings across campus. It is a must for all employees who want to be comfy, warm, and still business casual. Columbia MTR Filament Fleece If you are from the PNW you … Read More

Puppy Swag

Dogs. Everyone’s got one. And if you don’t have one, you want one. I remember the good ol’ days when simply having the cutest dog on the block was enough. Enough to have all the neighborhood kids practically paying you to watch your dog while you’re away. But times have changed, and neighborhoods are being completely overpopulated with cute dogs. … Read More

Top 10 Corporate Holiday Gifts

It’s that time of year again! ‘Tis the season of giving, and you now find yourself with two options: give your team that classic outdated pen set that you know just ends up collecting dust, or show them how much you really appreciate them with some gifts that they won’t soon forget. Your employees are the lifeblood of the company, … Read More