Planning thoughtful and exciting awards for your team is an excellent way to recognize their hard work, foster loyalty and encourage the continuation of best practices in the new year.

Awards come in all shapes and sizes and we’re ready to help wow your team with a gift they’ll appreciate for years to come.

Ideas for Creating Impactful Awards

There are many ways to reward your team. Here are some ideas on impactful awards to recognize your team and all their hard work.

Number 1

Personalized Recognition

Individual strengths & achievements

Personal growth & professional accomplishments

Number 1

Peer Nominations

Team members nominate peers for specific achievements

Creates a positive & collaborative atmosphere

Number 1

Innovation Awards

Acknowledge team members for contributions to ideas or solutions

Highlight the positive impact the innovation has had

Number 1

Milestone Celebrations

Recognize significant milestones such as years of service

Express gratitude for their dedication and time

Number 1

Team Building Awards

Individuals who play a role fostering positive team culture

Acknowledge collaboration & teamwork

Number 1

Professional Development

Acknowledge people who have invested in their development

Offer opportunities for further growth such as mentorship

Number 1

Customer Impact Awards

Individuals who contributed to customer satisfaction & success

Share stores of how they have made a difference

Number 1

Inclusive Awards

Reflect the diversity & inclusiveness of your team

Recognize achievements beyond traditional job roles

Number 1

Public Recognition

Highlight award winners in company-wide communication

Public recognition boosts morale & motivation

Looking for Award Ideas?

Whether you’re looking for a high-end custom award, a popular drinkware piece or a gift kit—we’ve got a little something for everyone. Check out our Awards and Recognition Showroom for more ideas.

Making the Ceremony Fun

Remember to make it fun and memorable. Whether in person or virtual, create an atmosphere of celebration and appreciation for your team. Recognizing your successes will help set the tone for a positive 2024.

Clear glass awards lining up on a table.