Image Source #WFH2020 Marketing Drop

How do you stay in touch with clients and team members when a global pandemic has us all at home?  For the team at Image Source the answer was easy – drop campaigns. How did we start?  –  With a plan to drop fun, functional, useful and clever branded merchandise to our client partners.  We started with the Work From Home idea and the fun product solutions came from there.

  1. Hand Sanitizer was the first drop  – we all needed it and with a carabiner clip, this was a great piece to take out of the house when we could go.
  2. From there, we looked at how people were eating – cooking at home gets old quick and drive through was one of the only options.  Enter the Dip Tray – BBQ sauce, ketchup, honey mustard – a little easier and cleaner way to eat in the car!
  3. Zoom and Teams meetings?  Bad hair day?  No problem, web cam cover to the rescue.
  4. Aside from to-go food, the grocery store was probably the only place most of us were going.  Enter the grocery list – time to put on those fancy sweat pants.
  5. Staying in touch with friend and co-workers via virtual happy hour?  – can koozies save the day.  #stayathomehero
  6. Now we’re all moving around a bit and masks are the new black.  Full color dye sub masks with a little hint of fun.

Now how to execute this stay in touch campaign.  All of our AEs reached out for alternate mailing addresses for client partners and the fulfillment team at Image Source did the rest.  Each drop averaged about 300 individual locations straight from our warehouse to our client partners.

6 drops, 4 months and over 1,200 touches.  The response has been fantastic.  People love the fun solutions to new challenges, the witty cards that came with and that little piece of their Image Source team staying in touch, providing a laugh and letting you know we’re all in this together.

Want to stay in touch with your team and client partners?  We can help.