Welcome to the launch of our sustainability platform – THRIVE. You may not know it, but the biggest part of our mission statement is “Creating an environment for our team and clients to thrive”. In 2021 we’re taking that mission many steps further. THRIVE takes our mission to grow and succeed to the planet and communities around us. For years, branded merchandise teams have been seen as landfill producers. We’re here to change that.

Image Source has been at the forefront of sustainable products, eco and social responsibility and accountability. THRIVE is our program to show how easy it is to provide valuable tools that do not deplete the earth or her future. Sure, we’re going to highlight great products, but also educate you about sustainable production practices, eco-products in use and teams making great strides around the world in sustainable and responsible ways.


Schedule of Virtual Events:

  • 4/8: Sustainable SWAG 101
  • 5/13: Virtual Events and Morale Go Green
  • 6/17: Kitting, Shipping, Manufacturing
  • 7/15: Sustainable Apparel Featuring SanMar