Image Source Impact

Saving the planet one tree at a time.

In 2023 we pledged to start making a difference by planting trees in our Image Source forest through our partnership with Forest Nation. We quickly exceeded our goal of planting enough trees to remove 300 tons of carbon from the atmosphere in 2023 by planting more than 15,000 trees.

We planted a tree for every order we received.

We planted trees when we mailed out customer gifts.

We planted trees for Fall Showcase RSVPs and attendees.

We planted trees for Earth Day.

At Image Source we’re passionate about sustainable solutions and our forest is just the beginning.

Photos provided by our partner ForestNation.

Photos provided by our partner ForestNation.

one order plants one tree

The impact of one tree.

One tree can remove 50 pounds of carbon and add 200 pounds of oxygen into the atmosphere per year over the lifetime of the tree. Each tree also provides work and pay to families all while helping to reforest the land.

The impact of our Image Source Forest.

We are planting trees in Tanzania to not only reforest Mother Earth but also to create sustainable livelihoods for local communities and women. Our forest creates steady work for local families through the planting of fruit trees on their farms and employing women at our tree nurseries. These farms provide more than food and jobs, they also add oxygen into the atmosphere and remove carbon dioxide.

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Total trees planted in our forests

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Tons of CO2 absorbed yearly

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Tons of Oxygen created yearly

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Working job hours created

Donate to our Image Source Forest

For every order we receive we plant a tree. Make a larger impact with a direct donation to our Image Source Forest.

We’re shipping UPS carbon neutral.

We care about climate change and shipping via carbon neutral methods is another way we are doing our part. Through the UPS carbon offset, we’re supporting reforestation, landfill gas destruction, wastewater treatment and methane destruction.

According to, their carbon neutral shipping it verified by Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS), an inspection, testing, and verification company. This means that you can have confidence in the UPS carbon neutral method. Additionally, our carbon offset process is certified by The CarbonNeutral Company.

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