Eco-friendly products have been trending for a while now but and the promotional products industry is finally catching on! We are seeing backpacks made out of recycled water bottles, travel pouches being made out of recycled tires, and journals being made out of apples! More creative items are popping up everyday and our clients are loving them! This is trending to be the #1 new product category in our industry in 2019 .

The best thing we are seeing about this trend (other than the saving the world part – of course) is you can get an eco-friendly product on any budget. If you are looking for a super high-end gift that is going to wow an executive, you can look into specialized speakers that are solar powered. On the other hand if you are looking for something to hand out at a trade show, there are collapsible stainless steel straws that are to die for and won’t break the bank!

And do not worry, just because these items are made out of recycled goods or are environmentally friendly does not mean that they are not pleasing to look at. We have gotten more compliments on these items because of their look and style than our traditional swag items, and once we explain how they are made out of recycled goods or are eco-friendly, you should see peoples faces, they just fall more in love with the product!