Take your events from good to great!

Part one of Client Success Story | NW Events Show. Jeff Holt, our VP of Sales and Marketing, sat down with Stuart Butler from Butler Events at our 2019 Fall Showcase. We all know events are an important tool for your company. Learn what makes the difference between a good event and a great event.

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The Northwest Event Show is where event professionals like us come together to share what’s next. Join us the week of November 13-14 in Seattle for an exclusive look into how events are changing the way we interact with our clients, peers and co-workers, from event leaders and practitioners shaping the future of tradeshows, meetings, offsite and private events. With insights, updates and ideas directly from both your peers and the experts, and the opportunity to immerse yourself in the tools, innovations, training and experiences that matter, you’ll be equipped more than ever to make an impact with each event you host.

2019 NW Events Show

Date:    November 13th – 14th
Time:    10:00am – 4:00pm
Location:  705 Pike Street,
Seattle, Washington

Products & Solutions

Check out new event products and solutions at the expo – get your questions answered and prepare for the opportunities and challenges of tomorrow.


Immerse yourself in our community of those who create, support and implement the event tools you use every day to learn and share best practices on the challenges your business faces.


Choose from a variety of advanced educational learning experiences including keynotes, sessions, workshops, robust panels and more.

Keynote Speaker 

Learn from the best – Julius Solaris, Founder and Editor of Event Manager Blog will be opening the event with an exclusive Keynote breakfast on day.

Why you should attend the NW Events Show this year!

Part two of Client Success Story | NW Events Show. Our very own Jeff Holt sat down with Stuart Butler from Butler Events at our 2019 Fall Showcase. Learn all about the NW Events show and why you should attend this year!