Your Q4 Secret ROI Weapon

Q4 is here, so it’s time to think about year-end gifts, thank-you items and how to get your 2013 promo dollars to stretch into 2014. The challenge: Get something into your target client’s home or office and have them look at it and use it everyday. Plus, you can only spend a couple of dollars at most, and you want full color and custom varied messaging.

What is the magic promotional product pill to take for this daunting task?


Surprisingly, even in this day of computers, smart phones, tablets etc., the simple wall calendar is one of the most used, most purchased and most highly recalled product in the promotional products industry.

Here’s why. According to research from PPAI and Bankers Advertising, 78% of respondents have at least one advertising calendar in their possession—home and/or work—and use it regularly. Another interesting stat: 33% of respondents said they do not use a calendar on the computer at all.

I would have thought that with Outlook, Google Calendar, and i-everything that the wall calendar would be outdated (pun intended). Then I took a look at myself: Two full-year calendars on the wall by my desk and a wall calendar on the refrigerator at home. I use these calendars constantly. Moving on, I took a look at the offices of my colleagues: More than half of our company has wall and/or desk calendars readily displayed in their work spaces.

The takeaway: The printed calendar is a fantastic ROI promotional product. There aren’t that many items to stick your logo on that actually hang out in someone’s home or office for no less than 12 months and are viewed at least once a day. Still fewer items that you can fully customize at low quantities for just a few dollars.

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