Summer Road Trip

Image Source Team Bags, Event, Fulfillment, Giveaway

Microsoft came to Image Source needing a gift that would drive attendance for their 2017 moral event. They hoped to get as many local team members and their families to come to the event. The gift would be given away at the event for those who attend.   The theme, “Summer Road Trip,” drove the selection of products for this … Read More

Award Winning Incentives

Image Source Team Education, Fulfillment

Every year, the King County Library System (KCLS) sets out to encourage children to read during the summer to continue their learning progress while school is out. To do this they created a program called the Summer Reading Program and one key element of this program is the incentive to drive behavior. Image Source’s internal creative team will brainstorm product … Read More

Custom Award

Image Source Team Appreciation, Awards

Nintex was looking for an award to recognize their partner companies at the World Partner Conference. They wanted something truly custom and unique. Image Source procured one-of-kind awards made from metal and acrylic.

Banner to Bag

Image Source Team Bags, Environmentally Friendly

Ever wonder what to do with old event banners? You can turn them into things like bags and keep them out of land fills. Contact us for more information.

Sock It To ‘Em

Image Source Team Apparel, Creative, Fulfillment, Giveaway

When Visual Studio Partner Program from Microsoft approached us and said they needed the ultimate Tool Box for new developer sign up incentives, we sprang into action.  Combining actual tools like Planet Safe WD40 and Duct Tape with an 8-in-1 Multi-tool, we took the kit to the next level and added this season’s ultimate fashion tool – Custom Strideline Socks. 

Nifty Gifties

Image Source Team Appreciation, Giveaway

WebMD wanted to gift out their team with these sweet custom backpacks and branded picnic chairs. The end results fit the budget and provided high quality gift items that team members would use.

ECC Custom Socks and Fandana

Image Source Team Apparel, Creative, Event

Eastlake Community Church (ECC) wanted to do something fun and unique for their annual winter camp. These custom socks and fandanas were the perfect solution for the over 100 students that attended! Image Source worked with ECC to design the socks and deliver ideas for this event. Another successful promotion!

Hack Mode

Image Source Team

Every year, Microsoft hosts a week-long, global event where employees from around the world work together to solve problems of all types. This is a group of unique thinkers, edge pushers, and game changers. They are willing to step outside of the box, and want their SWAG to do just the same! Knowing this, our team here at Image Source … Read More

Explosive Creativity

Image Source Team Awards, Creative, Event

Time Warner came to Image Source with a last minute request to produce a unique award for the Argentina Space Awards show. Through quick brainstorming we were able to produce these custom awards in under five days. In the photo below you see the famous actor Danny Rejo with the award in hand. Pretty cool!