Summer Road Trip

Image Source Team Bags, Event, Fulfillment, Giveaway

Microsoft came to Image Source needing a gift that would drive attendance for their 2017 moral event. They hoped to get as many local team members and their families to come to the event. The gift would be given away at the event for those who attend.   The theme, “Summer Road Trip,” drove the selection of products for this … Read More

Sock It To ‘Em

Image Source Team Apparel, Creative, Fulfillment, Giveaway

When Visual Studio Partner Program from Microsoft approached us and said they needed the ultimate Tool Box for new developer sign up incentives, we sprang into action.  Combining actual tools like Planet Safe WD40 and Duct Tape with an 8-in-1 Multi-tool, we took the kit to the next level and added this season’s ultimate fashion tool – Custom Strideline Socks. 

Nifty Gifties

Image Source Team Appreciation, Giveaway

WebMD wanted to gift out their team with these sweet custom backpacks and branded picnic chairs. The end results fit the budget and provided high quality gift items that team members would use.

Wave Custom Mouse Pads

Image Source Team Giveaway, Technology, Work

Branded Merchandise

Kirkland based Wave was expanding it’s company to the bay area and wanted to have a gift for their business partners. Working with Image Source, they decided on custom mouse pads. With the use of fun artwork the pads turned out awesome! You can’t beat the function, cost, and branding real estate of custom mouse pads.

One of a kind promotion

Image Source Team Environmentally Friendly, Event, Giveaway

Concur wanted an original giveaway for Fusion 2012 – their premier event of the year. Image Source suggested these stylish tote bags made from 75% reclaimed vinyl material from banners and outdoor billboards – no tote is exactly alike! Image Source did the fulfillment for this project by filling each bag with the sponsor giveaways and a water bottle.